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Convert video to GIF in minutes

Anyone can create funny GIFs in high quality easily and quickly

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Create animated GIFs from any video

No skills needed. Anyone can create funny GIFs, animations, and emoticons with several simple clicks! Whether is a 4K or a low-quality video, downloaded from internet or recorded with your phone, as long as you add it to this online tool, you can tranform it to GIF quickly. However, the larger the file, the more time it takes to upload.

Supports a wide-range of video formats

This Online Video to GIF Converter supports converting almost all popular video formats, including MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, FLV, WebM, and many more. What you can upload is what you can save as a GIF. New popular video formats will be added regularly, giving you more power to create your own GIFs in even more formats.

Video to GIF becomes easier

Conversion from video to GIF has never been easier than now with this program. Just add your video, select the part that you want to cut, entering the start and end time, and transform it into a GIF file. A simple click helps you produce a funny animation in original or customized quality. No skills required. Whether you are just starting or making GIFs for the first time, you'll always find it simple to do with it our program.

Easy to share, spread and bookmark

Completely online, there is no complex software to install or expensive software to buy. Get the power of an online video to GIF converter, and you'll get the high-quality GIF files in small size date files. The fun of sharing made easier and more convenient. Effortlessly create your first GIF in it, then instantly share it with the rest of the world now.

Why Choose Us?

Excellent features, exclusive service

  • Free to Use

    No premium fees. It's completely free to use.
  • Great Convenience

    No installation necessary. Once you open it, you can fully use it.
  • High Efficiency

    Process files at a high speed. No time wasted spent waiting around for processing.

What they say?

Reviews from some of users picked directly from our comment system

  • Bob

    After trying a few video to GIF converters, I was having issues with the fact they either have function limits, or wouldn't work with my video. This one does.
  • Sarah

    I was looking for help to make animated emojis from a clip. After a long search, I found it. It's super fast, free and simple to use. It's really helpful!!!
  • Andrew

    Much more reliable than any other converters. Fresh interface, no ads, very user-friendly and can convert any videos. Thank you.

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