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Max file size 100 MB. Download Pro version for large files.

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Max upload 5 videos. Download Pro version for large files.

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Start to merge videos online in 3 steps

Combine multiple videos into one amazing video

  • 01

    Add videos

    Instantly upload your videos with one click.
  • 02

    Rearrange videos

    Rearrange videos by drag and drop and click "Start merging".
  • 03

    Download the file

    Click "Download" to save the merged file on your computer.

An efficient free video merger

You can add 5 videos at a time to combine them into one video. The videos will be arranged in the order you choose. It takes you just a few minutes to create a perfect video by combining many video clips together.

Support various formats

This free video joiner supports MP4, MOV, AVI, WEBM and many other popular formats. No download and installation necessary, just use this website to merge your videos instantly!

Useful in different situations

This awesome service can be used in a wide variety of different situations such as merging studying videos for sharing online, combining landscape segments to create an integrated Vlog, cutting and joining TV clips you have downloaded, etc. Overall, it is a very helpful tool no matter the circumstances for whenever you need to combine a number of clips into one single video.

Process video with high efficiency

Without downloading and installing any video merging software, it only requires you to visit this webpage to join multiple clips in minutes. Moreover, it can produce videos in high quality. Compared to other programs, it offers you the ability to create a video more quickly and effectively!

Our advantages

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service.

  • Totally free

    All the functions we provide are totally free to use.
  • Simple to use

    Anytime you need to combine videos online, it just takes a few clicks.
  • 100% security guaranteed

    To protect our customers' privacy, we promise to delete the data you upload within 24 hours.

Customers' testimonials

Keep on improving our tool by referring to the suggestions from our customers

  • Jack

    This tool just saved my life. I took several video clips and needed to merge them. I tested it and found that it worked amazingly! Thanks a lot for sharing.
  • Alina

    I recorded many short videos and wanted to share them with my friends via Instagram. The output quality is lossless after merging with this free online video merger. I really liked this tool.
  • Danial

    At the beginning, I worried about the processing speed of my videos. I was surprised with the results. It worked so fast! I will recommend it to my colleagues soon.

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